Carpet Cleaning And Care Tips

No matter how diligent you are, carpet stains and spills are bound to happen. Cleaning the stain as quickly as possible is the first line of defense, but there are other ways of combating spills that may not be as apparent. Go outside the box and find ways of removing stains:

Know Your Carpet Fibers

Even if your carpet says stain resistant, it doesn't mean it's stain proof. In addition, the fabric in certain carpets may work better with specific cleaners.

For instance, a cleaner with a harsh alkali may not work well with a particular dyed carpet. A cleaner with a high acid content may also remove color from carpet.

If you purchase new carpet, find out the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaners and what type to avoid. Test cleaners first in an inconspicuous area, like the bedroom closet, to ensure they won't damage the carpet.

Avoid Overuse of Cleaners and Water

Saturating your carpet with water while cleaning may cause additional problems. Over-wetting could result in shrinkage of carpet fibers. The water can also result in loosening the carpet in spots or causing the dye to fade.

Using too much of a cleaner may be difficult to remove completely from a carpet. Left over cleaner may break down carpet fibers, resulting in an obvious area of wear and tear.

Carpet Stain Removing Techniques

Remove stains using white cloths or paper towels. A colored cloth may transfer dye to the carpet.

Blot wet stains gently to prevent pushing the spill deeper into the carpet fibers. For items like mud, use a dull knife to remove the excess from the flooring.

Once excess moisture and grime are removed, apply the appropriate cleaner for your carpet. This might include cleaners formulated specifically for the carpet. Diluted dish detergent works for most carpets as well.

Work your cloth or soft bristle brush with the cleaner in a rotating manner. Rotation loosens the stain thoroughly so you can remove it from the carpet. Many carpet cleaning machines also have rotating brushes, allowing them to remove embedded dirt easily.

Carpet Tips

Add a protector to the carpet after cleaning. The protector helps keep the carpet in good condition and lessens the wear and tear it receives from normal foot traffic.

However, don't add the protector unless the carpet's been cleaned thoroughly. Adding a protector onto a dirty carpet will only embed dirt further into the fabric, making it difficult to remove.

Carpet is an expensive investment for homeowners. Keeping it clean and stain-free isn't difficult when you take certain precautions and remember how to remove stains effectively.