Three Tips To Make Sure You're Vacuuming Up As Much As Possible

Do you feel like you're always vacuuming, but never really removing much dirt from your carpet? While it could be that you need a more powerful vacuum, chances are you can fix the problem by making a simple adjustment or two to your vacuuming strategy. Here are a few tips that will help make your vacuuming more productive.

Tip #1: Make sure your vacuum is on the right height setting.

Most vacuums have an adjustment option that lets you move the brushes and suction apparatus up and down in regards to the floor. The lower settings are intended for short carpet and bare floors, while the higher settings are intended for long, shaggy carpets. Make sure your vacuum is on the right setting for the type of carpet you're vacuuming. Set it too high for a short carpet, and the suction will be too far away to remove all of the dust. Set it too low for a shaggy carpet, and you'll be compacting the carpet down so that the debris can't be sucked out of it.

Tip #2: Vacuum in several different directions.

Many people vacuum straight back and forth in one direction across the entire carpet. Though this is an organized approach that assures you don't miss a spot, it's not the best strategy, especially for longer carpets. As you vacuum, the carpet fibers get folded down, trapping some of the debris underneath them. Vacuuming the same piece of carpet in several directions makes sure you get all of the debris. Try vacuuming your room going from left to right, and then vacuuming it again going front to back.

Tip #3: Use a baking soda carpet treatment.

Baking soda is commonly lauded for its ability to adsorb odors, but it also serves another important function when used on carpet -- it loosens ground-in debris. Commercially prepared baking soda carpet treatments are nice because they have pleasant scents, but plain baking soda works well, too. Sprinkle it liberally over the entire carpet, and then wait at least 2 hours before vacuuming it up. You don't have to use this tip every time you vacuum, but doing it about once a month will ensure your carpets stay cleaner.

If you follow the tips above and your carpet still seems dusty or dirty, it may either be time for a vacuum or time to have your carpet shampooed. Having your carpet professionally cleaned, by a company like Apple Cleaning Supplies, allows you to start fresh with a perfectly clean carpet, so you'll have an easier time keeping it debris-free in the following months.