What Are The Different Methods For Cleaning Your Carpet?

If you've found that vacuuming your carpet won't get it clean, then its time to look at other methods. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned occasionally. Even if you are diligent with vacuuming, carpets will still get stained. No amount of vacuuming will remove a stain. If you have pets, then you have even more of a reason to look into getting your carpet cleaned. A good cleaning can remove odors that have worked their way into the carpet fibers.

Here is a rundown on the main carpet cleaning methods.

Steam Cleaning Methods

This method uses hot water mixed with a cleaning agent. The name is somewhat misleading because there is no steam, just hot water. The machines force extremely hot, soapy water out onto the carpet. This water is then sucked up. The goal is to dislodge the oils and dirt that are causing the stains and odor.

The advantage to this method of carpet cleaning is that you can do it using the smallest amount of cleaning chemical. This is great for people who are very sensitive to chemicals. However, the downside to this method is that it involves water. Whenever water is used, there is the risk of mold. If the water is not completely removed and the carpet dried quickly, then mold can appear.

Shampoo Cleaning

The shampoo method of cleaning is exactly what is sounds like. A cleaning agent is applied with a machine. This will create suds. The machine then massages the shampoo in using a rotary brush design. This agitates the dirt and oils. The shampoo is then left to sit for a while. This helps to break down the tough to get dirt. After a set time, the shampoo is vacuumed up.

The benefit to this technique is that it is good at removing visible stains. The shampoo is great at soaking in and lifting out stains that regular vacuuming can't remove. However, the downside is similar to steam cleaning, namely, that there is liquid used. This poses a potential problem when it comes to mold. Additionally, if you are not used to using the cleaner, you might not remove all of the shampoo. The residual shampoo will cause a discoloration in the carpet.

Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning method is the best for preventing mold. It uses a dry cleaning agent. This is spread on the carpet and allowed to absorb. Then, the machine will pass over the carpet and agitate the compound. This will help clean the individual carpet fibers. After the cleaning agent has been scrubbed into the fibers, the machine will vacuum it back up. There is no liquid, so there is no risk of mold.

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