All About Dual-Purpose Floor Cleaners

Most homes have a mixture of carpeted and non-carpeted floors throughout that pose a challenge when it comes to cleaning. But a mixture of carpet and hardwood floors can pose an additional challenge since the wood requires more attention then easily mopped linoleum.

But there's a secret weapon that can clean all of your floors – a dual-purpose floor cleaner that contains fluids appropriate for each type of floor.  A gentle cleaner won't damage the varnish on your hardwood while a more advanced cleaner scrubs deep into carpets for a comprehensive clean. And establishing a regular maintenance routine can help make that cleaner work even better at getting your floors a restorative deep clean.

What to Look for in the Cleaner

You don't want to use a steam mop or regular shampooer filled with carpet cleaner on hardwood floors. The heat and chemicals can both weaken your varnish, which in turn makes the wood underneath more susceptible to staining and damage.

Look for a dual-purpose floor cleaner that advertises it is safe for both carpet and hardwood. These cleaners tend to look like the love child of a vacuum cleaner and a carpet shampooer. The package should contain a variety of floor pads that hook on to the bottom. Different textures of pads should be used for different types of floor and the pads should ideally be washable to save on product costs.

Inside the box, there will likely be at least two different types of cleaning fluid. Don't use the wrong fluid for the type of floor you are working on. The wood cleaner will likely be too weak for carpet as it often requires dilution and the carpet cleaner is too strong for the wood.

Quick Spot Cleaning Tips for Maintenance

Once you've used a dual-purpose cleaner to get both your carpet and hardwood floors sparkling, you will need to establish a cleaning maintenance routine that will make it easier to deep clean next time. Luckily, you can usually get by just using an ordinary vacuum on both types of flooring.

But vacuuming can't solve every dirt problem. So you should also keep stain remover products for both types of floors on hand at all times. It's best to wipe up spills as soon as they happen so that you don't even need to reach for those products, but certain things like red wine on a white carpet can stain quickly.

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