How To Remove A Nail Polish Spill From Your Carpet

There's typically only one place you want to have nail polish: on your nails. Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, it ends up on the carpet. You don't have to be doomed to a lifetime of glittery blue accents beneath your coffee table or a bright pink streak across the entryway. Follow these steps to remove the offending pigment from your carpet.

Scoop up as much as you can.

A common mistake among people who spill nail polish on their carpets is trying to immediately wipe or scrub the stain. It's far better to try and scoop up as much nail polish as possible before you start blotting or scrubbing – this way, there is less polish left to spread. Grab two index cards or other pieces of sturdy cardstock and place one on either side of the spill. Then, press the cards together, so the nail polish builds up between them. Throw away the cards, and repeat this process with new sets of cards until you're not able to scoop up any more nail polish.

Blot out the stain.

You should never rub a nail polish stain, or any carpet stain for that matter, as doing so just makes the stain larger and grinds the substance further into the rug. Instead, grab nappy rag (like a washcloth) and apply some nail polish remover to it. Make sure the rag is well-saturated, but not so wet that it's dripping.

Start blotting the stain at the edge, and move towards the inside. You should be using firm, up-and-down pressing motions, rather than back-and-forth rubbing motions. When an area of the washcloth begins to look rather colorful, move to a new area of the washcloth. Continue until you have treated the entire stained area.

Rinse out the nail polish remover.

Now that your carpet wreaks of nail polish remover, it's time to remove the final traces of nail polish and remover. Prepare a mixture of dish detergent and water. Concentrated, grease-fighting dish detergent is best; use a generous squirt in a gallon of warm water. Dip a clean cloth into the mixture, and blot the stain, from the outside in, just as you did with the nail polish remover. Repeat this process until the nail polish remover stench has subsided, and the stain is gone.

Keep in mind that some carpets hold onto nail polish stains more than others. If you are unable to remove the stain by following the instructions above, you may wish to call a professional carpet cleaning company such as Rug Cleaning Coastal Cleaners. Often, they have specialized solvents that they can use on particular types of rugs to remove tough stains like this.