Get Your Wife The Ultimate Push Present: A Clean And Sanitary Home

In some families, it is customary for a wife to get a present when she gives birth to a child. The present is often referred to as a "push present." If you are looking for a great push present to give to your wife, consider getting your home cleaned from top to bottom while she is in the hospital giving birth. In the last days of pregnancy, it can be difficult for a pregnant woman to do anything. Below is a guide for how to properly hire a cleaning service (such as Homestead Maid Services) to clean the home for your wife.

Establish a Time Frame

You need to let the cleaning company know an approximate time frame for when your wife is scheduled to give birth. This allows them to ensure that they can have cleaners readily available to clean your home on a moment's notice.

Choose the Cleaning Supplies

Newborns should not be exposed to certain chemicals. Be sure to talk to the company and ensure they know that you need them to use cleaners that are safe to use around newborns. Try to get them to use organic cleaners whenever possible.

Determines Which Areas to Clean

Your wife may or may not want your bedroom cleaned by someone that she does not know. This could make her feel uncomfortable because the bedroom is such a personal area in a house. It is best to let the cleaning company know which specific areas you want to have them clean in your home for you.

Choose a Responsible Individual

You will need to make arrangements for a friend or family member to come to your home to allow the cleaners into it. Be sure that you specify the name of the individual so that the cleaners can know how to talk to when they arrive at the house.

Establish a Cost

Before any cleaning can be done, you need to know what you will have to pay to have the cleaning done. Be sure that you and the cleaning company agree to a price before any arrangements are finalized. Write a check and leave it with the friend or family member that will be at the house to ensure that the payment is taken care of promptly.

Having a cleaning service come and clean the house for your spouse will allow her to enjoy time with the newborn without having to worry about doing anything else when she gets home. It will be a huge surprise to her that she will truly be able to appreciate.