Extreme Chef Makeover: Lift Your Restaurant's Image With New Uniform Management

In the gastronomy business, you polish your image by updating your dining areas and fine-tuning your menu. To take your upgrades all the way to the top, give your restaurant's staff a fresh look by making across-the-board uniform changes.

Being proactive in outfitting your staff not only increases your establishment's prestige and professionalism, it benefits your food safety program while setting you apart from the competition.

You build prestige by paying attention to the details.

Even if you offer a casual fine dining experience, guests want to be surrounded by grace. Crisp, pristine jackets, shirts, and aprons worn by servers hint at high quality and attention to detail.

Ensuring that your culinary staff is turned out during service in clean, trendy chef coats assures patrons that you take food preparation seriously. It tells the public that you run a classy kitchen and value your staff 's skills and contributions.

Rather than leaving shirt, coat, and jacket choices up to the whims of their employees, top restaurants hire a uniform service to handle front and back-of-house attire. These services deliver uniforms and linens according to the schedule you select and pick up the soiled uniforms and linens to be cleaned. Employees will always have your branded uniforms at hand on the job this way, freeing both management and staff from uniform woes.

New uniform management programs benefit food safety protocols.

If your chefs and prep cooks work long hours, they may not always find the time to keep their uniforms clean. In order to be ready for work, they may compromise your restaurant's food safety program by wearing soiled uniforms through several shifts.

This is one way for bacteria to grow and spread in a commercial kitchen. When a commercial uniform service handles the fabric care, you know that server and kitchen staff attire has been sanitized and is fit to be worn during food prep and service.

As an added bonus, your staff always looks impeccable when their uniforms are cleaned by laundry pros. At-home laundry treatments simply can't handle the tough, compound stains that chefs always manage to acquire on their coats.

Fashionable and eco-friendly uniforms build your brand.

Uniforms come in a wide array of styles, fabrics, and colors. If you have a signature color or colors, choose chef coats or server shirts in those hues to reinforce your brand. Having your logo printed on the uniforms seals your image and costs less than custom embroidery.

If your brand is committed to sustainability and a green business model, ordering eco-friendly uniforms is a great way to prove your sincerity. Some new uniforms are made with post-consumer waste that can be further recycled once the clothing is no longer being worn. These uniforms may be sturdier options for hardworking staff than those made of fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo.