Taking Care Of Your Business' Floors When Winter Precipitation Is Abundant

When winter precipitation is prevalent, the floors in your business are bound to take a beating more than they do in the summer. Customers and employees will most likely track in remnants of snow, ice, salt, and sand from the outdoors into your establishment. There are several steps you can take to alleviate the effects of these components on your flooring. Here are some tips to incorporate into your cleaning routine to keep your floors in the best of shape year round.

Increase Your Vacuuming Frequency

In the wintertime, sand and pebbles become embedded in snow and ice. They can then easily be tracked into a building on the bottom of someone's shoes or boots. If you have carpeting, vacuuming should be done more often to remove these intruders. If you fail to vacuum, foot traffic will continue pushing these items further into the fibers of your carpeting, possibly altering its appearance by ripping the material. Alert your cleaning service to vacuum more often when inclement weather is present to stop this from happening.

Protect And Remove Salt From Floors

Salt is used on roads and in the form of ice melt on sidewalks. When this is dragged into your business, it can leave a milky film on hard floors and carpeting when the moisture it was contained within melts. To avoid this, use steam cleaning equipment on carpets to suck salt forms out of the fibers. Mop hard floors regularly. Consider adding an acrylic or wax finish to hard floors to help protect the surface from the staining that salt can leave behind.

Encourage People To Wipe Their Feet

Place large carpeting remnants on the floor inside each entryway people use to get into your establishment. This will cover your flooring during wintertime, saving it from the wear and tear it would endure from people's' first muddy steps into your building. Consider placing some area rugs leading from the door as well. As the people walk, their shoes will release most of the dirt and moisture, trapping it on your temporary rugs instead of on your permanent floor surfaces. Clean your temporary rugs frequently so dirt does not accumulate.

Place a large sign next to each entryway door asking guests to wipe their feet as they enter. You can place this on a stand and write it with a humorous slogan or along with a drawn picture to draw attention to your alert. Most people will adhere to this request, helping to save your floors from unnecessary damage as a result.

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