Get Your Wife The Ultimate Push Present: A Clean And Sanitary Home

In some families, it is customary for a wife to get a present when she gives birth to a child. The present is often referred to as a "push present." If you are looking for a great push present to give to your wife, consider getting your home cleaned from top to bottom while she is in the hospital giving birth. In the last days of pregnancy, it can be difficult for a pregnant woman to do anything.

How To Remove A Nail Polish Spill From Your Carpet

There's typically only one place you want to have nail polish: on your nails. Sometimes in spite of your best efforts, it ends up on the carpet. You don't have to be doomed to a lifetime of glittery blue accents beneath your coffee table or a bright pink streak across the entryway. Follow these steps to remove the offending pigment from your carpet. Scoop up as much as you can.

All About Dual-Purpose Floor Cleaners

Most homes have a mixture of carpeted and non-carpeted floors throughout that pose a challenge when it comes to cleaning. But a mixture of carpet and hardwood floors can pose an additional challenge since the wood requires more attention then easily mopped linoleum. But there's a secret weapon that can clean all of your floors – a dual-purpose floor cleaner that contains fluids appropriate for each type of floor.  A gentle cleaner won't damage the varnish on your hardwood while a more advanced cleaner scrubs deep into carpets for a comprehensive clean.

What Are The Different Methods For Cleaning Your Carpet?

If you've found that vacuuming your carpet won't get it clean, then its time to look at other methods. Carpets need to be professionally cleaned occasionally. Even if you are diligent with vacuuming, carpets will still get stained. No amount of vacuuming will remove a stain. If you have pets, then you have even more of a reason to look into getting your carpet cleaned. A good cleaning can remove odors that have worked their way into the carpet fibers.

Three Tips To Make Sure You're Vacuuming Up As Much As Possible

Do you feel like you're always vacuuming, but never really removing much dirt from your carpet? While it could be that you need a more powerful vacuum, chances are you can fix the problem by making a simple adjustment or two to your vacuuming strategy. Here are a few tips that will help make your vacuuming more productive. Tip #1: Make sure your vacuum is on the right height setting.